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Why should I order freezer beef?


Buying high quality freezer beef directly from Corcoran Farms is a good idea for three main reasons:

  • You know where your beef came from. Locally sourced beef gives you the opportunity to know where your beef was raised, who raised it, and the processes that they used to produce high quality, white tablecloth steaks, juicy roasts, and ready for the grill burgers. When you buy from Corcoran Farms, you know that you are getting the best we have to offer. We are always available to answer your questions, and the satisfaction of returning customers and their referrals is what grows our business.

  • Custom freezer beef is not only affordable but saves you money in the long-run.  You are purchasing high quality beef at a price far below what you would pay for the same quality at the store. Our beef costs $3.35 per pound hanging weight, basic processing is approximately $1.15 per pound depending on location.

  • Purchasing freezer beef is convenient. You don't need to worry about what's for dinner because there is beef in the freezer! You can count on the quality to be there package after package the whole year through.

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