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  • When can I order?
    We usually take orders starting in January through late March. The beef are not processed until February and all are gone by late March. Order early to reserve yours! Call 740.253.0138.
  • What is the process to order?
    The whole process is quite simple, but we are always available to answer questions along the way. Call or email Dennis to place your order for 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef. You will receive information from us detailing when your beef will be taken to the butcher shop for processing. Once the beef is delivered to the butcher shop, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the beef. This cost is $3.35 per pound of hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the beef when it is literally hanging in the butcher's locker. (Think Rocky Balboa!) Along with the invoice, you will be instructed to contact the butcher shop to give them your cutting order. This is how you want your beef processed and packaged, i.e. thickness of steaks, types of roasts, stew or fajita meat, hamburger patties or bulk ground beef or both, cubed steak/round steak/both, etc. The butcher shop you choose will discuss your cutting and wrapping options with you. The butcher will call you when your beef is ready to be picked up. When you go to pickup, you will pay the butcher for the processing costs. (Processing is roughly $1.15 per pound, depending on the shop you use and the type of processing that you request.) Please note: You will not be able to pick up your beef from the butcher until your invoice to Corcoran Farms has been paid in full.
  • How much is a quarter side of beef?
    A quarter side of beef, on average, costs about $575 for the beef and $200 for processing. This price will vary based on the weight of the beef. We charge $3.35 per pound hanging weight. Processing typically costs around $1.15 per pound. Please note: Each quarter is actually a half of a half. We do not sell front or hind quarters separately.
  • What butcher shops do you use for your beef?
    We currently use Just Meats in Chillicothe, Dave's Butchering in Wellston, and The Train Station in Circleville. However, we are open to other options. Please contact Dennis to discuss.
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