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"White tablecloth beef" starts with hard working beef producers

      Corcoran Farms is a proud producer of high quality, locally-raised beef cattle. All of our cattle are raised on the hills of Ross and Pike county. The beef cattle are finished in our feedlot in Pike county using best practices in animal husbandry as well as a feeding program developed by the Ohio State University.  

       We utilize an early weaning program so that our calves have many of their natural immunities in place when they are weaned. We also vaccinate our cattle to protect them from serious illness.  

      Our cattle are fed a safe, healthy diet of corn, soybeans, vitamins, minerals, and hay. They are closely monitored to ensure good health and development.

        Our herd is a commercial herd bred to Angus bulls who are chosen for the traits that we need to bring you a tasty burger and a delicious steak.  

CAB partner.jpeg

We are a Certified Angus Beef Feedlot Partner and are recognized regionally for our quality beef cattle. 

We are members of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

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